May 2020


Parents: this is where you'll find the latest list

How many of these will you complete each day?

  • *Attend a class from ATA Headquarters 

  • Work out with Mr. Moh or Senior Master Tae Kwon Lee, the Kaminskis or other guest instructors

  • *Practice along with at least one practice video

  • Post a video of your form on Friday in our private Facebook group  

  • *Do 20 round kicks, 5 slow side kicks per leg. 5 sets of swimmers strokes  

  • Another cardio session of at least 9 minutes

  • *Stretch for at least 3 minutes 

  • *Complete the day's school work

Mom and Dad decide the following:

  • *Parents' stripe task

  • *Helping family task

  • Write a thank-you note to a healthcare worker, grocery store truck drivers and shelf stockers, a get-well note to someone who is sick, cheery note to an elderly neighbor

* The goal is to do every one of these tasks at least 5 days a week. The other tasks offer something different/extra. As with all other habits, this will take time. You know your child's maturity level  best to know how you want to use this tool. This is not meant to become a source of extra pressure, especially during this time when you and your children could be experiencing many extra unknowns.  

At the end of everyday, ask your parents to complete the form below

970 310 5519

440 N. Lincoln Ave. #5618

Loveland, CO 80537