Children Ages 4 - 6

This is an exciting age when children expand their social horizons. 

They are ready to acquire skills such as paying attention and socializing with school mates. 

Yet, they still need to move and explore. 

The Axon program balances these two needs in developmentally appropriate ways to help them acquire  healthy life-long habits.  

Axon Academy's program helps your children transition into their school years by creating a positive environment for them to grow and have fun!

Martial Arts

Axon Academy uses the ATA Tigers program, which is designed to improve the motor skills of young children and also to train their ability to follow directions.

The curriculum includes a belt system, each one associated with an animal character who exhibits qualities that children can relate to. There is also a series of books that bring these characters to life. Children this age love to be read to and the stories help reinforce the life skills they learn in class.


Axon Academy builds

A Strong Foundation

We pave the way for 

your children's future development. 

Not only will they develop their minds, bodies, and creativity, they will also acquire habits of self-control, paying attention, and how to work with others. 

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