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Where are they now?

Those popular toys your kids begged for?

This year,

Give them something that lasts.

Give them something that does not require batteries.

Give them something that instill healthy habits.

Give them something that is active.

Give them something that improves their lives now and in the future. 

axon martial arts academy

holiday 2019 special

For only $49, you get 

an individual lesson

4 group classes

a belt


Deal ends December 24th

Don't delay, sign up now!  

Let's talk about Martial Arts.

  • It trains the whole body

  • coordination

  • balance

  • flexibility

  • strength

  • propioception

Good for the BODY

  • all muscle groups

  • coordination

  • balance

  • flexibility

  • strength

  • propioception

Good for LIFE

Promoting healthy minds and bodies


all the life skills that are part and parcel of martial arts practice: 

Structure, discipline, resilience, confidence,

it is no wonder marshal arts is so highly-valued all over the world.  

Good for the MIND

  • focus

  • mental discipline

  • attention

  • memory

  • learn new things

  • a moving meditation



There's no better time than now

to start you child on a journey that will help them in school, at home, and with their friends.


Your child will start with an INDIVIDUAL session with owner and chief instructor, Yat-Yee Chong.

Based on that session, your child will be placed in a group class that is the best fit.

Your child will attend to the first group class with their brand new belt, which is part of the offer.

You and your child will have 3 more classes after that to determine if Axon Academy is the right place for your family.

All that, for only


This is Over 50% off!

Deal ends December 24th!

Don't delay, sign up now.  

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What people say about school owner 


Yat-Yee is fantastic with kids! She has excellent communication skills that help them focus and excel!

Debbie Campbell

Mrs. Chong is a wonderful martial artist and a delight on the mat. She treats all her students with respect

Kinley LaDeaux

Mrs. Chong inspires excellence in those around her and she makes learning fun! 

Kathy Sigda

Mrs. Chong always teaches with kindness, patience, and respect. I am so grateful for the time I had with her as my teacher.

Jordan Clutter

drone toy