Axon Academy 2.0 in 2020!

I am excited to announce Axon Academy 2.0!

Axon Academy 1.0 was about integrating music and martial arts, two powerhouses in mind-body-soul connection, to enrich lives. Music, Martial Arts, Movement: I wanted to offer experiences where these three intersect.

It is a vision that still inspires and invigorates me and I believe it will come to pass. For right now, I’m pressing the “pause” button on it till the timing is better.

Axon Academy 2.0 recognizes that big ideas are comprised of smaller, incremental steps. By narrowing my focus, I can build a stronger foundation for the eventual goal.

Impatience, I have rediscovered, is not a virtue.

Currently, Axon Martial Arts Academy is laying the groundwork for a re-opening in 2020. The year is optimism itself, isn’t it?

I will still bring to it my passion for teaching, my experiences, and my best efforts. My desire is still to help families lead meaningful lives; to help parents raise confident, resilient, and responsible children; and to contribute to the community of Loveland. Only this time, the medium through which I plan to improve lives is martial arts.

Let me know if you want a more direct way to keep abreast of what’s happening to Axon Academy. Otherwise, keep your eyes on this space and on my Facebook page.

I look forward to sharing with you more details as we get closer to the relaunching of Axon Academy!

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