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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Just like no man is an island, no business exists on its own. Axon Fitness and Arts Academy is connected to several businesses and I’d like to feature them here periodically. The choice of the name Axon, after all, represents the importance of connections to me.

The first is GaleForce Martial Arts. This is where my children and I started our martial arts training and where we have found a supportive tribe. It is where I still train. Its owner and my instructor, Joel Bass, is a 7th degree senior master and continues to offer me support in my new venture.

Here is the interview with him:

Describe what you do.

I teach life skills through martial arts training.

If you could travel back in time to tell your 18- y.o self about your job now, would they be surprised?

I think so, especially the amount of emotional and physical energy required on a daily basis to teach quality martial arts

Would your best friend at 12 and 29 be surprised?

12 yes- because I had just started my martial arts journey. 29 no. We were already talking about our next steps in our martial arts careers

What is one quirky thing about your business that is not well-known?

That as a school owner, you’re not only the head instructor but you are also the CEO, Head Bookkeeper, Top Janitor, VP of PR, Kid Counselor, Parent Advisor, and Chief Window Washer.

What is one memory about your job that still makes smile?

Starting my training alongside my mother.

What brought you to Northern Colorado?

To be closer to my brother

What do you offer that is unique to your business?

My school provides a chance for every member to discover and shine their own light while achieving goals they never considered possible.

How do I reach you for more information?


On FB at GaleForce Martial Arts

On the web at

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970 310 5519

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