Connections: Teresa Funke and Co., Part II

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Posted: August 20, 2019

You met my friend, Teresa Funke, in the first part of this blog. Here is the second part, which contains information that is a bit quirkier. I hope you like quirky! #quirkyisgood

1. If you could travel back in time to tell your 18- y.o self about your job now, would they be surprised? #timetravel

I think my 18-year-old self would be very surprised. She was feeling discouraged about having a career as a writer. Everyone told her it wasn’t possible. That’s why she got a degree in history, with the hopes that working in that field would somehow allow her to write. She dreamed about writing a book someday, but I don’t think she could have imagined that a writing business of any kind would be possible. I think she’d be excited and happy for me.

2. Would your best friend at 12 and 29 be surprised?

My best friend at 12 might not be. I started writing in the fifth grade, and I think my best friends in elementary and middle school knew I dreamed of being a writer. My best friend at 29 might have been a little surprised. At that time, I was busy raising two little kids with a third child on the way. My friend knew I was already working on my novel and that I hoped to get it published, but I doubt she ever would have envisioned the thriving and robust business I have now!

3. What is one quirky thing about your business that is not well-known? For example, do you have to wrestle squirrels, climb lamp posts, or sing in front of strangers?

What a fun question! I think the quirkiest thing about my business is some of the things I’ve had to do to promote my books and business. Radio interviews that took an odd turn (I was once interviewed by a sports station, and I know nothing about sports), or newspaper articles in which the reporter got just about everything wrong.

4. What is one memory about your business that still makes you laugh, or at least smile?

People often assume the best moment for a writer is when she first holds her published book in her hand. Not so for me. My best moment, the one that still makes me smile, is when I typed “the end” on the last page of my first novel. I had done it. I’d written a book! My lifelong dream complete. Wow.

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