Hide and Seek with The Purple Man

(This is part of the Connections series, in which I interview local businesses connected to Axon Academy)

Six months ago, I was planning to start a martial arts studio. It's thanks to the proprietors of Apex Movement that I transformed it to its current form: an academy combining martial arts and music. Creating this niche has brought many adventures, and some days I wonder if they knew how much this idea has turned my life upside down.

How did I find out about them? An ATA Extreme performer told me a few years ago about Parkour in general and the gym in Fort Collins in particular. Since then, both my children and I have taken classes there.

The owners, brothers Justin and Jesse, and friend, Travis, strike me as people with limitless ideas and the optimistic energy to see them through. Their gym is hopping and constantly evolving.

You can tell the fun energy they bring even in these words:

1. Describe what you do.

We are a gym specializing in Parkour and urban / acrobatic movements. We have a huge focus on kids and teens, but also teach adult classes in the am. We believe everyone should be able to move and work out without it being a chore and that's why we made a gym full of abstract obstacles free of traditional workout equipment.

2. How did this business come about

We were just passionate movers trying to find a place where we could play and train without stepping on other peoples' toes. We started teaching in other gyms in Loveland and eventually grew big enough to afford rent on our own. We moved to Fort Collins in 2014 and haven't looked back.

3. If you could travel back in time to tell your 18- y.o self about your job now, what would they think?

They would think we are lame for not having triple back flips yet! But really, I think we would be surprised how priorities shifted from personal development to community development and to building a gym that everyone can share.

4. Would your best friend at 15 be surprised?

Probably not, haha, all my friends knew I was monkey already.

5. What is one quirky thing about your business that is not well-known? For example, do you wrestle squirrels, climb lamp posts, or sing in front of strangers?

We build all of our own equipment, avoid chairs as much as we can, and play hide and seek when everyone is gone.

6. What is one memory about your business that still makes you laugh, or at least smile?

One of our early gyms in Loveland had a ghost called The Purple Man, according to our psychic neighbor lady. It was lovely closing the gym by yourself back then.

7. What brought you to Northern Colorado?

We grew up here and love the Fort Collins / Loveland area.

8. What else do you want people to know about your business?

Parkour changes the way you see the environment. Instead of sidewalks and stairs, you'd just see more stuff to play on. We also cover so many different ages that it's nice families can play and workout in the same space.

9. Apex Movement sounds awesome. How do I reach you?

9702944101 or use our contact form at apexfortcollins.com

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970 310 5519

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