Programs at Axon Academy


Axon offers a safe and postivite place where children can learn and have fun!


This class is for parents who want to train alongside their children.

Teens and Adults

Axon welcomes teens and adults of all ages! 


Axon Academy considers it a privilege to partner with families to 

nurture their children's curiosity,

and to help them

develop valuable life skills and fulfill their potential.

ATA Tiny Tigers
Ages 4 - 6

The Axon program balances these two needs in developmentally appropriate ways, to help your children transition into their school years by creating a positive environment for them to grow and have fun.​​​

4-6 year-olds are ready to acquire skills such as paying attention and socializing with school mates. 


Yet, they still need to move and explore. 

ATA Karate for Kids

Ages 7 -12

The physical and cognitive skills accelerate during this age. It is a perfect time to to build habits and develop expertise

Since its introduction in 1986, the ATA Karate for Kids program has enabled children to acquire the discipline of traditional martial arts, learn respect through life-skills development, and gain self-esteem through rank-advancement. 

More info about Axon Academy's Children's program

Yat-Yee is fantastic with kids! She has excellent communication skills that help them focus and excel!

Debbie Campbell

ATA Leadership Program

The ATA Leadership program is by invitation only. It is for those students who desire to reach for a higher level in their training. 

They will receive extra Tae Kwon Do and weapons training that is available only to leadership students. 

They take on more responsibility in helping others succeed.

They receive a much more in-depth training in life skills: honesty, self-esteem, belief, respect, communication, discipline. 


Junior leaders are eligible to win points at ATA tournaments for a chance to win state, district, and world titles


Families who learn together

grow together!

Parenting today is not an easy job. You want to offer enrichment opportunities for your children. Yet, after school hours can turn into a mad rush going from activity to activity.


In the mean time you want to prioritize quality family time. 

Why not learn something together as a family?

You can't train with your daughter's soccer team. You can't join your son on the baseball diamond. But here at Axon Academy, you can get on the mat with your children and learn martial arts together. 

Practicing martial arts together allows the family to engage in the same pursuit. It gives a family another common area to share, which may become essential during the teen years.

Whether you want to help you young child, set an example in learning, or simply want to learn martial arts but can't find time, family classes are perfect for you. 

Mrs. Chong is a very talented artist and a gifted instructor. My family has been very fortunate to have her in our lives.

Kathy Sigda


What teens need the most at this time of constant change

are structure and support


A phase of life when everything changes all the time.

Martial arts provide a solid ground that teens can depend on. 

This is also the time when peers become more influential than parents. While we cannot choose their friends, we can provide environments filled with other teens pursuing similar and meaningful goals.

Axon Academy Offers Teens


Opportunities for leadership. To help mentor younger students.


Classes with adults. To give them a glimpse of themselves in the near future. 


Like-minded peers who are also interested in healthy pursuits.


Team activities. Demo teams provide the team aspect of martial arts.


A safe and positive place where they belong.


It's a struggle

To stick to a fitness routine, isn't it? All those miles on the treadmill going nowhere. It just seems so meaningless. 

As for personal trainers: even if we can afford one, we'd still be doing the same exercises anyway. 

The lack of accountability and boredom are the main reasons adults don't have a regular fitness routine. 

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Adulting is hard.

We have so many responsibilities and an endless lists of tasks.

What little mental energy is left is not enough to make us work out.

When you have a tribe, however, you gain energy from the others. Being accountable to others is a much stronger motivation than even the best bribes we offer ourselves. 


Find your tribe


Humans are social beings; we are meant to spend time with other people and interact with them.


Working out with like-minded people makes it much more enjoyable and more likely to stick. 

I have no previous experience

I am not coordinated

I have no stamina

I am not flexible

I'd feel embarrassed

I'm too old

I can't learn new things

Train at Axon

You will gain experience,



and flexibility.

You will feel acceptance,

realize you're not too old.

You will believe

you can most definitely can learn new things. 

are willing to learn

are ready to move

are ready to be engaged

need to de-stress

want to have fun

want a dedicated "me" time

want to be fit


Tell me more about the adult program!



Mrs. Chong always teaches with kindness, patience, and respect. She is flexible and accommodating with the method of teaching.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  I am so grateful for the time I had with her as my teacher.



My son and I have benefited greatly from Mrs. Chong's instruction in martial arts over the past decade. She has an uncanny ability to pinpoint areas of technique and to demonstrate and explain exactly how to improve them.

Mrs. Chong inspires excellence in those around her and she makes learning fun!  





At Axon Academy, classes are never the same . The curriculum is rich and  there is always something new to discover and master.  

curriculum &


The ATA Songahm curriculum allows for progress by building on a strong foundation. The method of instruction is based on sound pedagogy principles.  



The positive environment makes each student feel confident to progress at their own pace. Students are eager to help one another.  

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