Axon Academy

Considers it a Privilege

to help nurture your children's amazing capacity to learn by providing a rich array of experiences using music and martial arts. 

Let Axon partner with you to develop well-rounded and confident leaders!

Ages 4 - 6

4-6 year-olds are curious and love to move.

This is the time they get ready for school and are ready to learn about courtesy, respect, and self-control in a social setting.

Ages 7 -12

The physical and cognitive skills accelerate during this age. It is a perfect time to to build habits and develop expertise

Leadership Life Training

This program is by invitation only. Students receive extra instruction and help younger students succeed. 


Leadership students are eligible to compete for State, District, and for black belt students, World titles.


Uses the unparalleled curriculum of the American Taekwondo Association

Focuses on the development of the whole person.

Combines Tradition with Cutting Edge Pedagogy

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440 N. Lincoln Ave. #5618

Loveland, CO 80537