Are you 45 to 65

years young?


Are you ready for new ways to stay fit?

Do you need to de-stress?

Do you long for some "me" time?

You've come to the right place!

Axon's Warrior-Heart Women class will make you wonder why you haven't done martial arts sooner.


We've been adulting for too long to postpone taking care of ourselves.

Exercising is essential for us at this stage of life, not just for fitness, but for good mental health.  

But how? Gyms workouts are boring. Working out alone requires superhuman willpower. So many trendy workouts are designed for hard-core gym rats.

For me, Tae Kwon Do has done what other programs could not: keep me working out consistently.

The secret? A community that doesn’t care about body shapes or athletic abilities, but encourages and celebrates every personal victory

Between Spring Chickens

and Silver Sneakers

Our joints may be musical and our hormones fickle, but we’re not ready to lace on our silver sneakers yet.

In the Warrior-Heart Women class, we stretch and work on mobility and functional strength. We sharpen our minds learning TKD forms. We allow ourselves to return to our intuitive responses.

Get ready to experience a new kind of classes

designed just for you!

970 310 5519

440 N. Lincoln Ave. #5618

Loveland, CO 80537